The Harper´s Bazaar´Awards are dedicated to personalities that are at the forefront of their industries, and that their stories inspired us all.

For this 43rd edition we were honored to be chosen to design the award; it was an incredible opportunity to do this for a magazine that was one of the first publications dedicated to women and that within its pages not only wrote about fashion, living and culture but has also sparked debate and change in society through its articles.

For the prize we decided to use a circle, a central part in all of our collections, which represents across different cultures eternity, femininity, unity and equality. We thought it was the perfect timing to emphasize the importance of staying together to fight for equality and justice.

As in our jewellery pieces, we wanted the design to transcend trends and to be delicate but robust enough to survive the passing of time.

As Salvador Dalí once said: “Jewells should not be kept in a safety box they should be worn to please the eye, elevate the soul, awaken the imagination and express beliefs and ideals.”


Our Circle Campaign is dedicated to all of you; strong, independent and supportive women.

Some months ago I came up with the idea of reaching to three of my friends to be the face of our campaign; each of them have very different life stories and personalities, and I believe that it is this diversity that empowers us. They are not models and are not used to being in front of the camera, nevertheless, they were super excited and brave enough to agree to do something outside of their comfort zone.

The shooting was full of positive energy, acceptance and support for each other, and I believe that it translated into the footage. It represents the movement of unity that is rising worldwide that embraces our differences as much as our similarities, and highlights the importance of solidarity.

We can all be independent, ambitious, resilient but also compassionate and supportive.

The women in our campaign are like you, and we are stronger together.