I moved to Venezuela when I was only 25 years old, moving again a couple of years later to México where I still live. There, I discovered a fascinating world full of color, energy and light but what struck me the most was that at every turn, you could find a craftsman making something unique. It is then that I start to understand the beauty of what is unique, what hasn´t been manufactured with a mold, what is truly different.

I graduated with a degree in Pharmacy and was always attracted by alchemy, experimenting and mixing different elements, so I started to feel captivated with the endless possibilities that surround me.

Gems are the starting point of my work, they are what inspires my designs.

There are many brands that use the word craftsmanship but very few that actually manufacture that way. I love craftsmanship, it is the only way of creating unique pieces, and mine are made to highlight the beauty of the irregular and uneven.

We hammer, bend and chisel the brass to shape our pieces. I like to explain the process saying that brass is our canvas; the color of the stones... the watercolors; and the hammer and the fire... The brushes.

I have recovered ancient mexican techniques to manufacture modern jewels. México has offered me its past and I have transformed it in contemporary pieces that could survive the passing of time.